One-Week Summer Day Program for Pre-High School Students

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OMG!! Kids will be raising their own frightening, bug eating monsters!! Before the in-person class begins, students will receive kits and begin their adventure by raising their own carnivorous pet plants. They will meet their new friends and teacher via Zoom and prepare to study their own killer plants in more depth. 

Students will also begin their own voyage as healers at home, starting their own garden of healing plants and herbs just in time to grow outside in the summer sunshine. This healing garden will be used during the in-person program to create salves and poultices and healing remedies. 

After the Monday Independence Day holiday, students will congregate for the IN-PERSON part of the class. Students will be met with a terrifying (to bugs at least) array of murderous carnivores, from Pitcher Plants to Sundews to Bladderworts. They will learn of these monsters’ giant brethren, a horror that feasts on mammals! They will get to know these killers through sketching, pH readings, examination of insect carcasses, and more!

Next up in the rogue gallery are poisonous plants. Students will learn which common household plants NOT to bring home with curious dogs and roving infants. They will also learn what trees, flowers, and plants to avoid planting in your garden if you want to keep your dogs and cats away from an unwanted trip to the vet and your human visitors safe. Card games and quiz show tournaments will help students memorize which dastardly, poisonous plants are which. 

Our dark voyage into killer plants would not be complete without the tales of the great poison plants of history. Students will learn about the seemingly innocent wildflower that killed Abraham Lincoln’s mother along with thousands of other pioneers. They will learn about a witches’ brew of toxic mushrooms. Across history and culture, killer plants will stagger to life in readings and film. Shudder. 

This program is designed for rising 6th-rising 8th graders interested in exploring the world of plants.

NOTE: This one-week summer course is a day program only, and enrolled students are not eligible for residence on campus. Classes run from 9AM-3:30PM and extended day programs are available until 5PM at no additional charge.


July 5 – July 9, 2021
Gann Academy – Waltham, MA

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