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One-Week Summer Programs

Students examine a skeleton in the Anatomy one-week program

Taught by: Melissa Courtemanche, a science teacher at Buckingham, Brown and Nichols & Monique Coulson, has many years of experience teaching AP Biology

Students will be taken on a journey of discovery into the marvels of the awe inspiring human body. Our work together will include hands-on lab activities, discussions, and a field trip. This unit will cover heart anatomy and physiology, via examination of the heart, and a study of the impact of exercise on cardiovascular function. Students will learn the basics of CPR and will learn about heart healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. Learn More
Students perform an experiment in the Intro to Surgery one-week program

Taught by: Paul Duggan, medical student at Texas Tech University & Rony Diaz, medical student at Texas Tech University

The one-week Introduction to Surgery program will present students with basic surgical skills, such as surgical knot tying and suturing, and then allow them to translate these skills to mock surgeries. Cardiovascular diseases and surgical procedures will be focused on this week, including coronary artery bypass grafting.  Students will additionally complete, in groups, a slideshow presentation involving cardiothoracic diseases and their surgical treatments. Learn More

Students do a mock examination in the Pediatrics one-week program

Taught by: Tap Van Geel, he earned his MD from SUNY Update Medical School. Tap currently teaches at top-ranked Wellesley High School

Interested in childhood diseases such as measles that are threatening to make a comeback? Intrigued by childhood mental illnesses such as autism and wondering when it appears and why? Want to learn about child abuse and how to detect it? – Pediatricians are on the front line! Interested in learning how to interpret and perform basic medical screening yourself – blood pressure, breathing rate, eye and ear exams? This program is for you. Learn More

Students wear medical scrubs in the Biomedical and Surgical Research three-week summer medicine program

Taught by: Tap Van Geel, he earned his MD from SUNY Update Medical School. Tap currently teaches at top-ranked Wellesley High School

Whether you’re looking for a one-week follow-up to Introduction to Surgery or a stand-alone program, Reconstructive Surgery is for every student. For those looking to continue their surgical education following Introduction to Surgery, this is the perfect option. Tap Van Geel, who holds an MD, will cover topics that students who took Intro to Surgery haven’t already seen. However, for students who have not yet taken a surgical program, this material is still introductory and doesn’t require a prerequisite course. Learn More

Students performing an experiment in Sports Medicine one-week program

Taught by: Taught by Tou Sue Thao, Graduate of Boston University's Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Calling all athletes and sports fanatics! Explore what it takes to keep elite athletes in tip top shape on and off the field. Our new one-week Sports Medicine program will expose students to the medical methods that help athletes improve their athletic performance as well as recover from and prevent future injuries. Some of the topics covered in this week-long course include physical therapy, surgery, orthopedics, concussion research, and much more. Learn More

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