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Mini Med school: 911

One-Week Summer Program for Pre-High School Students

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This hands-on program is perfect for adventerous students. Come learn first aid techniques used by emergency medical professionals in the great outdoors! 

Imagine you need to treat a hiker’s fracture right on the trail. You’ll need to know how to improvise a splint on the spot. But wait – is it a fracture or a sprain? How do you know the difference?

Now you have a bleeding patient! Quick, you need to stop the bleed. Learn how to improvise a tournequit from materials you have on-hand. Hope you didn’t need that shirt sleeve!

You may have to identify conditions caused by extreme temperatues and weather, as well. What are the signs of hypothermia? Altitude sickness? What happens if these go untreated?



July 22 – 26 2024 | Olin/Wellesley, MA

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This program will be full of simulated scenarios like these. And when you’re in these situations, how do you get out of them? Students may learn how to navigate themselves out of the wild (when their WiFi isn’t working!). They may also learn how to use natural materials to create shelter, or maybe even how to locate and purify water if the patient needs it. Students may also dive into search and rescue methods, triage checklists, and how to identify risky elements such as poisonous plants or dangerous nearby animals.

We’re ready to venture into the wild this summer. Join us for this brand new program!

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