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Neurosurgery Research

Three-Week Summer Medicine Program

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Students will explore parts of the brain and their functions through lectures, dissection, and study of models. Case studies are used to bring the material to life as real-life stories illustrate the effects on behavior and sensory perception of individuals with missing or destroyed brain regions, such as injury or Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders. Neuroimaging techniques from EEG to FMRI and PET/SPECT are covered that provide a window into the brain enabling physicians and scientists to visualize brain activity and track states of consciousness.

This is a competitive admissions summer research program designed for teens.

Students doing an experiment in Neurosurgery Research three-week program

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Applications are open for Summer 2023:

June 26-July 14, 2023 | Longwood Medical Area

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Lela Walters

Lela is a medical student at UMass Chan Medical School. Lela earned her undergrad degree in Neuroscience from Amherst College, a nationally ranked top school. She has extensive teaching experience, conducted preclinical neuroscience research with the Department of Psychiatry at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, and assisted medical providers at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Student Comments

*2021 Student Comments”

‘I loved how Dr. Goyette was able to fuse both hands-on techniques and lecture-based neuroscience. My favorite parts were the blood draw lab, suturing, and brain dissection.”

‘Our teacher was very knowledgeable. Harvard trip was a great touch. I enjoyed the suturing lessons, touring Longwood, interesting movies/videos about neurology. Good class discussions.’


‘The program was very comprehensive, fun and easy to follow even for a beginner in the field such as myself. The field trips and labs were not only entertaining but also very informative. I would definitely recommend this class for those interesting in the subject.’

‘Super enthusiastic teacher who was so friendly and helpful. I learned so much in these 3 weeks especially because of this amazing location and nearby medical resources.’

‘Matt was really engaging with great lectures. Very knowledgeable and passionate about the material. Understanding and truly cares about students and want to see them succeed. Great intro into the field. I really enjoyed the mock procedures.’

‘We got a really nice mix of scientific research and medical surgery practice! The labs and field trips were great, and Matt was a fantastic teacher. The feedback on presentations was also really helpful!’

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