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Oncology Research

Three-Week & One-Week
Summer Medicine Program

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This program covers the study, treatment, and research of cancer, including medical radiation and surgical oncology. Students will study the tell-tale signs of cancer, tackle the complex process of diagnosing, including the staging process, and provide a prognosis to a mock patient. From here, students will study treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. They’ll examine the effects, both positive and negative, of radical procedures, and they’ll perform mock surgeries to get a hands-on feel for removing cancer from a patient’s body. Additionally, students will study the anatomy of cancer itself, including the way it grows and the environments in which it thrives. 

This is a competitive admissions summer research program designed for teens. It is a 3 week program, based out of our Longwood Medical campus. 

Students performing an experiment in Oncology three-week program

Applications are open for Summer 2023:

June 26-July 14, 2023  | Longwood Medical Area

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Student Comments

*Summer 2021 Student Comments*

“I had a good time with my classmates and the teacher. I think the pace worked very well. Our teacher is very smart!”

“I learned a lot and I want to continue on this path in college.”


‘I thought the program was really good because I had no bio background at all and now I know a ton about cancer and cellular biology. I love the teacher because she is super nice and sweet. She took us to so many great field trips. 10/10 the best program. 11/10 best teacher here’

‘Dr. Lazebnik was an excellent teacher who sought various interactive and creative ways to teach. She organized various field trips and really utilized the available resources in the medical centers nearby. The field trip to the Harvard Symposium was exceptionally enjoyable more activities like these should be encouraged. Dr. Lazebnik is really passionate about oncology and I really enjoyed my experience under her instruction.’

‘Dr. Lazebnik was a spectacular professor and she explained the material very well.’

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