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origins of mental illness

One-Week Summer Science Program

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Can teens catch eating disorders from their friends? 

Is parenting style linked to depression?

Can occasional binge drinking result in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

This program takes students on a riveting journey through the root causes of both common and esoteric mental disorders. Use karyotypes to diagnose disorders such as Fragile-X Syndrome and Klinefelter’s Syndrome that result from missing or visibly “broken” chromosomes. Create pedigree charts to unravel whether newly identified disorders are heritable. Track the spread of eating disorders in emerging countries in the wake of TV shows and ads that glamorize thinness. Review popular films for their accuracy in portraying the etiology of mental disorders. Evaluate research on whether there is a link between vaccines and Autism. 

Turning to sociopathy, can individuals be born evil? Or is their abhorrent behavior a result of child abuse, brain injuries, or even volitional decision?

We will explore the role of gender, socialization, “biological clocks,” and socioeconomic status in the onset of mental disorders.

Students pose after doing research in Clinical Psychology Research three-week program


July 15 – 19, 2024 | Boston Location

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Nick Korsantia

Nick Korsantia

Mr. Korsantia graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a degree in Biology, Psychology, and Cognitive Science before earning his Master’s Degree in Neuroscience from Northeastern University. He has interned at Harvard University and completed research at both Harvard and Cleveland Clinic. His focus is currently on brain imaging, 3D neuron imaging, and genetic assays.

Student Comments

‘The thing I liked was that we got over the thing that I was really interested in. For instance, Abnormal Disorders and Schizophrenia. Another thing was that we watched a video of symptoms of people with Schizophrenia and ADHD. And we watched a video and did some case studies, this was my first time doing that.’

‘This program was a perfect mix between Clinical Psych and Neuroscience. Mr. Korsantia is incredibly smart and knows extensive information on a wide range of topics. Overall, this class was extremely interesting and I enjoyed it very much!’ 
‘Interesting content, engaging teacher flexible to our interests, great “deep-dives” into Schizophrenia and Antisocial Personality disorder and OCD and neurodevelopment and mental disorders. Well-educated, confident, and eloquent teacher with experience in the field.’

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