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One-Week Summer Medicine Program

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What will help you the MOST in your pre-med classes? A knowledge of this topic – Pathology. Pathology is the foundation of all clinical care. This area is also a merger of medicine and science. Not sure which one you’re interested in? Pathologists are often considered medical scientists – perhaps this is the combination you’ve been looking for.

If you’re a problem solver who loves to crack a case wide open, this is also an amazing program for you. Pathologists determine the cause of a disease or infection, evaluate the damage, and perform a host of clinical investigations to reach a diagnosis. This might involve exploring blood abnormalities, performing needle aspirations, conducting clinical trials, and much more.

July 24-28, 2023
Dana Hall – Wellesley

Wondering where an interest in pathology could lead you? Well, you’ve seen crime shows with Forensic Pathologists, right? That’s an interesting direction to head in within this specialty! You could also explore Neuropathology, Virology, Microbiology – there are options suitable for everyone who loves to challenge themselves. 

This class will be a hands-on, fast-paced dive into a topic that will put you a step ahead of all of your pre-med classmates. This is also perfect for students who have taken one-week Science or Medicine programs with us in previous years. It will be completely different! Don’t miss out on this brand new option! 

Student Comments for One-Week Medical Programs

‘I learned a lot and the dissections were very enjoyable and brought the subject to life. Overall a great camp and a great teacher.’

‘I really liked it! It was interesting and always informative. We weren’t just sitting in chairs and listening to a lecture; we were doing hands-on activities that were relevant to the topic. …a great teacher and accommodating to all learning styles!’

‘This was an amazing camp! I learned more than in this camp than in ½ of a school year. The camp helped me discover what I wanted to be when I grow up.’

‘I really enjoyed the program. The dissections were fascinating and the packets with lots of information and links made it easy to imbibe all of the information and then more if I wanted.’

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