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One-Week Summer Medicine Program

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Love medicine? Love mysteries? Make life-saving diagnoses and solve criminal cases in this fascinating take on Pathology, a riveting medical specialty. 

Do you love shows like House and Diagnosis, where finding the causes for an unexplained medical condition can mean the difference between life and death? Students will have the opportunity to solve a medical mystery using tests and methods from pathology. Students will look, as well, into clusters of cases or rashes of illnesses, running tests to examine possible environmental toxins.

Next up, students will be transported to an HMO, where they will learn to process, examine, and diagnose common medical conditions based on blood and urine tests gathered in routine medical check-ups and visits to primary care providers. Learn how to interpret all those readings that come back on white blood cell counts, red blood cell counts, and more from your annual visit as well as how Pathologists diagnose conditions such as strep throat, pneumonia, and even Lyme Disease using specialized tests. 

July 24-28, 2023

Then it’s on to the Forensics lab, where you will learn the tools needed to solve crimes. Was the victim poisoned? Were they a victim of trauma? Or maybe the suspect should be released because the victim succumbed to natural causes? 

Next, students will dive into the fascinating world of Oncology, learning how they might assist Oncologists during surgery by conducting minute by minute, real-time assessments of whether biopsied tissue is cancerous to ensure that the surgeon has left clean margins. They will use photographs and slides to search for cancer and will learn techniques involving macro examination such as measuring, photographing, and written description of shape, color, consistency, and smell. You will compose write-ups of examinations of internal organs. 

Finally, it’s time to enter the world of genetic diseases, learning what to look for and how to diagnose common as well as rare conditions using karyotypes. They will then provide genetic counseling to a fictitious family.  

Student Comments for One-Week Medical Programs

‘I learned a lot and the dissections were very enjoyable and brought the subject to life. Overall a great camp and a great teacher.’

‘I really liked it! It was interesting and always informative. We weren’t just sitting in chairs and listening to a lecture; we were doing hands-on activities that were relevant to the topic. …a great teacher and accommodating to all learning styles!’

‘This was an amazing camp! I learned more than in this camp than in ½ of a school year. The camp helped me discover what I wanted to be when I grow up.’

‘I really enjoyed the program. The dissections were fascinating and the packets with lots of information and links made it easy to imbibe all of the information and then more if I wanted.’

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