One-Week Summer Medicine Program

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Interested in childhood diseases such as measles that are threatening to make a comeback?

Intrigued by childhood mental illnesses such as autism and wondering when it appears and why?

Want to learn about child abuse and how to detect it? – Pediatricians are on the front line!

Interested in learning how to interpret and perform basic medical screening yourself – blood pressure, breathing rate, eye and ear exams? This program is for you.

Learn how to administer the hearing, vision, and reflex tests you’ve taken your whole life in this brand new program. You’ll also explore common childhood diseases, such as measles and mumps, learn how to diagnose and treat concussions, identify neurological disorders, and examine the differences between pediatric and adult surgery.

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in pre-med.

Students do a reflex test in the Pediatrics one-week medical program

Summer 2022 Dates:

July 11th – July 15th, 2022 | Dana Hall, Wellesley

July 25th – 29th, 2022 | Longwood Medical Area

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Students do tests using a stethoscope in the Pediatrics one-week summer medical program

This program will provide a fast-paced, hands-on glimpse into what it’s like to be a pediatrician. Students will gain insight into childhood diseases and contagions, blood work, basic psychology, child abuse and detection, childhood mental disorders and how to treat it.

The program provides a riveting look across childhood, from the treatment of premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit it teenagers suffering from eating disorders and substance abuse. This amazing how packed the one-week program will be!

Students will gain insight into childhood diseases and contagion, blood work and basic physiology, child abuse and detection, as well as mental disorders of childhood diagnosis and treatme

Blerim Cuković

Blerim is an avid researcher in the clinical and personal setting. He has three years of neurophysiological and one year of clinical neuropsychological research experience. His research elucidated facets of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and eusocial systems of the Heterocephalus glaber. Blerim earned a Master of Science in Physiology from New York State University and is currently studying Medicine at SUNY Upstate. Blerim worked as a Mental Health First Aid conducting training sessions. In addition, Blerim also worked as an Emergency Medical Technician training upcoming EMTs as well as supervising patient evaluations.

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