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One-Week Summer Edge Program

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Traditionally one of the most difficult high school science courses, this program will make learning the subject of physics more accessible and give you the edge to master your high school Physics class. Some of the most challenging concepts will be previewed in lectures and principles will be illustrated in experiments. Great for students looking for that edge to help them excel in their fall Physics courses.

Physics can be exciting. Come explore the mysteries of how nature behaves.  Students will have fun learning about energy and matter, and how they work together; they will investigate natural phenomena from the entire universe down to the tiniest pieces of the atom. They will discuss some of the most brilliant scientists and their contribution to our world.

From Newton’s law through Einstein’s theory of relativity to the current work by Stephen Hawking on black holes and the Big Bang, physics can be fascinating for students with a head start. Get an edge this summer!

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in receiving tutoring as preparation for fall courses.

Students performing an experiment in Physics Edge one-week program

Date: August 5th – August 9th
Dana Hall – Wellesley, MA
Going, Going…

Trevor Kafka teaching Physics Edge one-week program

Trevor Kafka

Mr. Kafka is an experienced performer and instructor of circus arts. He was able to turn a high school and college hobby into a full-time profession. Mr Kafka owns his own circus training facility in Watertown, MA called Gravity Alternative Movement and has had the opportunity to perform her aerial and ground routines at a variety of venues such as Madison Square Garden, TEDxSomerville, The Revere Hotel, Coney Island, and much more. He is also a former 9th and 12th grade physics teacher at Wellesley High School, a top-ranked high school. Mr. Kafka graduated from Brandeis University where he doubled majored in physics and mathematics and minored in secondary education as well.

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