One-Week Summer Program for High School Students 2024

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Did you know that IO, Jupiter’s moon, has hundreds of volcanoes that send up 190 mph plumes? Did you know that there was ice on the dark side of Mercury? Or that supersonic winds blow at more than 400 mph on Uranus? We hope you’re ready to tackle some big questions. Amazing images from satellites and the Webb telescope are leading to a record pace of new breakthrough discoveries in our own solar system as well as in more distal reaches of the universe. In January of 2023, for example, the Webb telescope confirmed the existence of an exoplanet for the first time — it’s almost exactly the same size as Earth and only 41 light years away. 

Planetary Science combines astronomy, geology, physics, biology, and chemistry – something for everyone! We will use lab studies, satellite images, and photos from the Webb telescope to explore planetary science. 

Planetary Scientists work on missions including the Curiosity Rover, InSight, the Juno Spacecraft, Voyager – almost anything at NASA or in space exploration involves Planetary Scientists.

Summer 2024 Dates:

July 29-August 2, 2024 | Gann/Bentley: Waltham, MA

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Instructor: Scott Scharlach

Mr. Scharlach attended graduate school at Tufts University, where he studied astrophysics, theoretical cosmology, and Physics Education Research (PER). The one thing that Mr. Scharlach loves more than learning about the universe is sharing what he’s learned with others. In his free time, he enjoys solving the Rubik’s cube, folding origami animals, and creative writing.

Student Comments from Summer 2023

‘The program was very informative and it was interesting. I  liked the teacher because he made us think and taught us all sorts of new things.’

‘I liked it a lot, it was very informative and Miguel is a great teacher. I liked his persistence for us to learn. He is the Lightning McQueen of teachers!‘ 

‘Miguel is a great teacher. He is engaging and kind. The program was interesting and I learned a lot.’

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Note: This page represents our best expectations for the program we will deliver, but is subject to change. We will update this page as new information becomes available.

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