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One-Week Summer Medicine Program

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When deciding on a career path, do you see yourself working an exciting and fascinating job where each day is different? Do you want to build long-term relationships with patients and see rewarding results? Maybe you’re looking to go into a field that is always in demand and has a predictable schedule. Luckily for you, primary care encompasses all of these qualities and more! BLI is now offering the perfect introductory program for students interested in a career in general internal medicine, general pediatrics, family medicine, etc.

In this program, students will explore a variety of primary care physician responsibilities through hands-on exercises and activities. First, they will learn the basics of evaluating a patient’s health through taking vitals and conducting physical exams including height, weight, vision, hearing, and blood pressure checks. Then, students will go on to learn preventative care and recommend lifestyle habits, including the patient’s mental health.

Next, students will take a deep dive into the world of infectious diseases and review the ones most commonly seen and treated by primary care physicians including upper respiratory tract infection, common cold, measles, pneumonia, and more.  Students will also learn how to differentiate between viruses, pathogens, worms, and bacteria, as well as learn how they are transmitted. 

They will then go on to learn how to correctly diagnose these diseases as well as come up with a treatment plan which may include prescribing medication and referring patients to specialists and other healthcare providers.

Primary care physicians are most commonly the first point of contact for people in the medical world. If this sounds exciting to you, don’t wait, register now to take Primary Care!



July 31st – August 4th, 2023 | Gann/Bentley, Waltham

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Primary care physicians work in clinics, private practices, outpatient hospital settings, and more.

Primary care physicians actively administer medication, clean wounds, and treat injuries.

Primary care physicians can provide temporary splints and first aid. 


Primary care physicians perform annual check-ups and conduct reflex checks and more.

Primary care physicians can send patients on to emergency room teams.

Primary care physicians perform diagnostic tests.

Primary care physicians utilize and monitor medical equipment.

Primary care physicians monitor vital signs.

Instructor: Sam Horsntein

Mr. Hornstein is a researcher for the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, as well as a medical student at Thomas Jefferson Sidney Kimmel Medical College. He earned his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from Brown University, where he also worked as an EMT.

Student Comments from Contagion - Summer 2021

‘I liked the program a lot. I learned a lot of interesting information and wish I had more time to learn more. The program is definitely a highlight in my summer. The program helped broaden my knowledge of pathogens and epidemics.’

‘The program was very informative and interesting. The personal stories from the teacher helped add a bit more depth to the study of viruses instead of being limited to simply what textbooks and case studies say. The bacteria experiments were also fun as a sort of basic introduction to the study of microorganisms.’

‘The teacher was very helpful, interactive and clearly passionate about what he was teaching which created a fun, intelligent and open atmosphere where in we were fully able to digest all of the information and enjoy learning. The program itself was also very good. I was able to learn a lot about infectious disease in a fun manner.’

‘The program was really fun and I learned more in a week here than I would in 2 months at school! The teacher was great and you could tell he knew what he was talking about.’

Students perform a mock medical procedure in the Emergency Medicine three-week program

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