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Three-Week Summer Science Program

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Are you an athlete who would like to continue working in the industry in the future? Are you excited by the prospect of working on the entire body and not being limited to one area? Do you want to bring the joy of movement back to your patients? 

Orthopedics might be the area for you!

Orthopedists work alongside professionals such as Physical Therapists to intervene when a bone-related injury needs repair. This is often surgical, although not always. There will be several hands-on labs to explore the types of treatments an Orthopedist would do. These include mock surgeries and much more!


July 3 – July 21, 2023 | Gann/Bentley – Waltham

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How do you examine the fractures and various injuries that Orthopedists treat? That’s where radiology comes in. Radiologists use medical imaging – X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, etc. – to diagnose and treat injuries. There are other types or Radiologists, however.  Interventional Radiologists use advanced, minimally invasive techniques to tackle complications. Have you seen a doctor expertly guide a tiny tool through a tiny incision to provide results with less recovery time? This is cutting edge technology. Additionally, there are Radiation Oncologists, who prescribe and oversee a cancer patient’s radiation treatment. So many fascinating avenues to explore in this area – and in this program!

Students do an experiment in the Biomedical and Surgical Research three-week summer medicine program

Student Comments for Three-Week Medical Programs - Summer 2022

Everything was very hands-on and our teacher was amazing! He was very knowledgeable and taught us the same way the EMT in the book I’m reading was taught. Everything I learned in class could be used in the real world as well as paramedic and medical school.

I really enjoyed my program. The teacher not only taught us a lot of great material, but he did it in a fun and engaging way. I think I learned really well because of the way the information was presented to me and how we had fun review games.

The instructor is nice and very informative. I like that we had slides to review when taking notes. The overall topic was well discussed and very interesting. When we had labs they were beneficial and fun. ‘ 

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