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Interested in applied math? Enjoy business? Want to make a lot of money? This program is for you. Whether you are imagining a side hustle flipping homes or renting out a property as an AirBnB or are thinking of a full-time career in such lucrative professions as mortgage loan officer, luxury home builder, or real estate investment trust analyst, you will learn what it takes to get you there. The program will be brought to life with a series of hands-on activities such as conducting an appraisal of an actual home on the market, filling out a residential loan application, and constructing an amortization table. Students will go out into the field, visiting luxury properties and commercial buildings. Guest lecturers such as real estate agents and builders will be featured, as well. Here is a day by date, up close look at what we will cover. 

First we’ll begin with the base knowledge you need to know. What does it mean to be pre-qualified for a loan? What does the loan process look like? You’ll learn terminology such as purchase and sale agreement, and you’ll learn how a sale is closed. Students will do their own appraisal Do their own appraisal, market analysis, direction the market is heading in, would it bring more as a home or the land? 

Next we’ll focus on lucrative careers in banking and real estate. Successful Loan Officers make well into the six figures. What do you need to know in these fields? You’ll learn about amortization rates, appraisals, and how to safely make a deal. How do you determine a down payment? What are the terms of a loan – is it a 15 year fixed loan, for example? How are these loans are those calculated? What is an ARM loan? A home equity loan? How is all of this done by the bank? 


July 24th – July 28th, 2023 | Wellesley

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After this, students get to dive into the world of side hustles. Do you imagine raking in money on the side of your primary career? You could buy a vacation home and rent it to friends. You could work with a rental company that will find you tenants, such as real estate agencies and property management agencies. How would it benefit you to work with AirBnB? Is that better than VRBO? What’s the difference between mid-season and high-season rates? Does it benefit you to acquire repeat tenants who rent every year? Does that benefit you and the resale value? What is the cost/benefit analysis – does this property bring you both profit and enjoyment? You can look into the difference between month-to-month rentals and yearly rentals, the benefits of buying and renting condos or owning duplexes or two-family homes, and how you could find success in being an owner and landlord to tenants. 

Last up, you’ll explore the option of joining an REIT firm. There you could be employed as an REIT analyst, a financial analyst, or accountant, all of whom help buy and manage a portfolio of numerous properties. Managed properties could include real estate such as office buildings, hotels, resorts, factories, and malls. You’ll learn how, at one of these firms, you would monitor cash flow and expenses on an ongoing basis and decide when to sell. You will also learn how to calculate return on investment for the owners and stockholders. On the flipside, you’ll also learn about the “go it alone” route. You may consider becoming a builder, so you’ll learn how to assess the value of land, how to secure a loan, and what type of time frames and expenses are would be looking at. Maybe you want to become a developer, building multi-home subdivisions, condo complexes, or office parks. Maybe you want to make a business out of flipping homes! And then there’s always building and contracting. The traditional builder/contractor earns between $66,000-$89,000, but the luxury home builder? You’re looking at an average of $3.4 million/year.


Student Comments

‘Knowledgeable about real estate; learned most of job is up to intuition and not an algorithm. I like that [the teacher] was very ‘connected’ to me and others who were in the class, she was also very enthusiastic about real estate.

‘I enjoyed the program and thought the concepts were very interesting. The practice-related concepts were cool. [The teacher] was great and was definitely interested in making the class relevant to us.’

‘We had various guest speakers who introduced various parts of real estate. She taught us things we wanted to learn about. We visited a house she was representing.’

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