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Real Estate investing

One-Week Summer Business Program

The hottest hustle out there? Real estate. 

A traditionally sound investment, home prices have jumped to an all-time high. So how will you get in on this?! And how do you start early?
Maybe you take on a rental property, collecting rent from tenants. Want to be hands-on? Great! Don’t want that? Hire a property manager, do the math, and watch your profit come in. If your property appreciates value, maybe you’ll time it such that you sell at a gain.
Looking for a more creative avenue? Let’s start flipping houses! Once you invest in that first house and flip it for a profit, you’ll never go back. How do you make that first purchase? That’s what you’ll learn in a class like this.
Excited to get in on this lucrative trend? Learn how this summer! 

2023 DATES
July 24-28, 2023 | Dana Hall, Wellesley

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