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Remote Intro to Biotech

One-Week Summer Engineering Program

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This remote program is for students interested in understanding the process of drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. What is genetic engineering? What are designer proteins? Students learn molecular biology techniques techniques through hands-on labs and a well-rounded introductory curriculum.

Supplies will be sent to the students’ homes so they may engage with the instructor in real time. Dr. Lazebnik has led at least five sessions of our wildly popular remote Biotech Research program since she originated it in 2020.

Students will work with CRISPR, the latest innovation in biotech. They will receive everything they need to perform genome editing in bacteria. They will replace a gene themselves. This will lead to a change in the amino acid sequence, rendering bacteria that can survive on an antibiotic plate which would normally kill it. 

Students will also be introduced to the principles of gel filtration chromatography as a method that separates molecules according to their size and shape. Chromatography is one of the coolest techniques used in biotech labs to purify proteins and antibodies!  

Students do a chemical experiment in the Intro to Biotech one-week program

Mondays & Wednesdays
 6:30-8:30 EST on Zoom
November 14th-December 7th, 2022

Dr. Maria Lazebnik

Dr. Lazebnik is an adjunct assistant professor at Bentley University teaching Human Biology, Human Inheritance, and Human Health and Disease. She also has experience with utilizing analytical instrumentation and digital teaching technologies including data-mining resources and more. Dr. Lazebnik is involved in research focused on undergraduate STEM education and developing innovative course content to work hand-in-hand with the curriculum, in particular with a project at Boston’s Museum of Science. Dr. Lazebnik received her BS in Neuroscience and Biology as well as her MS in Cell and Molecular Biology from Brandeis University. Later, she received her PhD in Genetics from the Tufts University School of Medicine. In addition, she has extensive research experience including working as a research fellow at NIH, research associate at Brandeis and Tufts, and a postdoctoral fellow at Tufts Molecular Oncology Research Institute. Finally, Dr. Lazebnik is a multi-published educator and research scientist. She has had three articles published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Student Comments for Dr. Lazebnik

‘I really enjoyed the program and my teacher. I learned a lot during the program like how difficult it is to get a drug passed by the FDA or to even make a drug that works with no side effects…I also learned what a successful Biotech company needs like marketing and money.

‘I liked the demonstrations and hands-on experiments.The field trip was also fun. The teacher was very good and organized, but she still let us be independent for research and didn’t control our debate as a class (which is a good thing)’

‘I liked how we learned about the industry of biotechnology and the different roles that are played there. I also liked how we observed drug discovery and the process which surrounds it.’

Students do an experiment in the Intro to Biotech one-week summer engineering program

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