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Taught by: Dr. Jeff Robin, a Veteran BLI Instructor and SUNY MD recipient.

As we get through this ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, why not get involved in the efforts against it? Learn about the global situation we find ourselves in by researching past infectious diseases and outbreaks, learning what medical professionals are going through, and some of the social impacts diseases can have in the Pre-Med Task Force. Learn More

Taught by: Dr. Rich Fox, a Veteran BLI Instructor and experienced Forensic Scientist

With TV shows like CSI and Bones being so popular, Forensics has become an important and exciting discipline in science. This is a chance for students to delve into a subject they don’t see in school! Perfect for those who are interested in Anatomy and Biology or crime, no other course combines these topics as well as Forensics. Learn More

Taught by: Jerry Porter, a Veteran BLI Instructor and Babson MBA recipient

Interested in a career in investing? Want to explore lucrative opportunities on Wall Street? Learn the basics of investment banking, and pave your way to a career in business. Build your own portfolio and track your “investments” constantly to see who can have the most growth! What is an IPO? How does short selling stocks work? what are some patters to watch in the stock market? Answer these questions and more in Investments 101! Learn More

Taught by:

How are new disorders identified? How do TV shows and ad glamorize thinness? How accurately does the media portray the etiology of mental illnesses? WHAT is social media doing to us?! Dive into controversial and fascinating topics! With a guest speaker who earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Yale University, you’ll study sociopathy, brain injuries, and SO many more hot topics in psychology! Learn More

Taught by: A teaching team of three local photographers with decades of professional experience

Everyone has a camera on their iPhone nowadays, why not dive deeper into the science and art behind photography? Explore the history of photography and take a look at some of the earliest cameras, while at the same time learning the art side of photography. How well can a camera capture emotion? How can a photo send a message? Explore photography in depth, capture photos of the world around you, and find out how a picture is really worth a thousand words. Learn More

Taught by: Ken Bateman, Veteran BLI Instructor and Biology teacher at a top ranked high school in Massachusetts

Anatomy & Physiology of Fitness is an innovative remote program, that weaves together research, hands-on activities, and exercise! Led by a veteran Boston Leadership Institute instructor, this program will involve students in a series of projects aimed at expanding their knowledge of the human body, improving their physical fitness, and exploring what makes us move! Students will be given a unique opportunity learn and get active, without having to leave home! Learn More

Taught by: Brittany Bingham, Veteran BLI Instructor and Doctoral student in Athletic Training at Boston University

With no sports practice and gyms closed, it’s easy to get lazy when stuck at home. Don’t let that happen to you! Sports Medicine is the perfect way for students to stay active while learning about the human body. Students will learn a variety of exercises, recovery methods, and the benefits of each! Explore proper nutrition to fuel your body, and learn useful new skills to use after the program ends! Get Up and Get Active with the Boston Leadership Institute. Learn More

Taught by:

Intro to Surgery is meant for students considering a career in Medicine. Learn the basics of surgery, perform simulated suturing, and even test your skills with virtual surgery! Led by a veteran BLI instructor, Intro to Surgery gives students an experience they won’t learn in high school. Try out a new field, or explore a new career from the comfort of your own home! Learn More

Taught by: Nathan Josephs, PhD candidate at BU

Excited for sports to come back? Explore the world of Sports Statistics! Track players numbers, research advanced analytics, and learn how players and teams use advanced mathematical techniques to evaluate performance! For anyone interested in math and sports, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Learn More

Taught by:

Explore outer space without leaving home! Venture into other galaxies, find out how planets are formed, and what dark matter is in Physics of Space! If you’re looking to learn about the, fundamental laws of the Universe, look no further than this unique and exciting remote program! Learn More

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