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Three-Week Summer Engineering Program

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The most lucrative jobs in engineering are based on what’s coming in the FUTURE.

Renewable energy is the way forward. What is it? Simply put, renewable energy is mined from sources that cannot be depleted. Oil will run out one day. So will coal. But wind? Sun? These will last, and renewable energy engineers are on the forefront of a movement. 

Many non-renewable energy sources, aside from being finite, can also do damage to the environment or human and animal health. Renewable energy is often called “clean energy” because it avoids most of these pitfalls!

Who becomes a Renewable Energy Engineer?

These are the engineers with big ideas and big dreams for the planet. They are often problem solvers by nature, and they’re not afraid to challenge the norms. The industry is also ready to thank them for their hard work. Early career Renewable Energy Engineers earn almost six figures!


**NEW** for 2022!


July 18th – August 5th | Longwood Medical Area

What are some additional fast growing careers in the clean energy sector?!

  • Industrial Engineers, who design and consult on large scale infrastructure, make an average salary of $90,000/year and are expecting to see their sector grow exponentially this decade. 
  • Solar Photovoltaic Specialists will see their job market grow a whopping 50.9% in the next seven years!
  • Energy industry Software Designers and Consultants, who take care of the complex network of systems needed to make these systems go, currently make over six figures and will be more in demand than ever as the industry continues to boom.

The coal industry has seen its workforce cut in half since 2010. 90% of new energy added to the grid was renewable. We know where the future is, and it’s green!




Student Comments for Three-Week Engineering Programs - Summer 2021

“I thought this class would be like school when we started but I was mistaken. The program ended up being very free with our teacher encouraging creative thinking and logical ways to execute them. I liked how the program let us set our own goals for success.”

“I enjoyed that we were allowed to work through problems on our own, and revise our design using what we learned.”

“I loved how hands-on the program was. I felt the combination of class time with real labs immediately following was very beneficial. I loved the teachers for their drive for the subjects they taught and their witty humor. I also enjoyed talking to them outside of the classroom setting.”

Students pose for a group photo in the Engineering: Electronics and Robotics three-week summer engineering program

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