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Weekly Activities

Below is a sample weekly schedule for one of our programs. Different campuses will offer slightly different experiences out of class. Different programs will offer greatly different experiences in class.

Morning Activities

Residential students are able to use the early morning to relax in their dorms, go to the gym, or sleep in. At around 8am the dining halls are open for breakfast. Standard breakfasts include hot food like eggs or sausages, fresh fruit, cereal, bagels, and pastries.

Exercise room in Bentley University gym

Standard Day

Programs begin each morning at 9am. Some students are in lab, some are in the classroom, and some might head out on a field trip! Lunch, which is included in the cost of tuition, is provided on campus between 11am and 1pm. Students on field trips receive lunch money to grab something to eat when they’re out on the town. Standard dining hall lunches include fresh pizza, a salad bar, a grill, and a different featured entree each day. 

Extended Day

Classes end at 3:30pm each day, but non-residential students may stay on campus until 5pm. During this time they can spend time with the residential students playing volleyball, Frisbee, kickball, or one of the many board games we provide. They’re also welcome to relax and read a book or chat! Residential students can participate in any of these activities, but they can also head to their dorms to rest or go into town if a counselor has scheduled a trip.

Evening Activities

Students take a picture in Boston at night

Dinner begins between 5pm and 6pm for residential students. Options vary, with several entree options, sandwich ingredients, a salad bar, desserts, and more! After dinner, counselors and staff arrange activities for the students. This could be a movie night, a trip to the basketball court, some time in the gym, or a trip into town to go shopping.

Weekend Trips

Residential students head into Boston on the weekend to see the sights. Our staff and counselors make sure students visit Boston’s most famous attractions, including Faneuil Hall, Boston Common, the MFA, Chinatown, Boston Harbor, Harvard, MIT, and more. Students are assigned buddies on the first day, and each counselor has students assigned to them. We provide students with money for lunch, and they can choose where they’d like to eat! We serve breakfast and dinner on campus.

Students visit Boston at the Longwood campus

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