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Science of spying

One-Week Summer Program for Pre-High School Students

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Ever dreamt of being a spy? Would you like to be the next James Bond? This action-packed program takes students on a wild ride through the world of spying with a focus on the technology, engineering know-how, and understanding of higher-level thinking skills that make espionage work. 

Love gadgetry and devices? Want to explore how hidden cameras and listening devices work and try designing one yourself?

 Fascinated by high tech and its applications to surveillance? Use drones, GPS, and satellite leads to get a read on your target. Want the right stuff to be an expert spy? Develop your observational and memorization skills and practice your strategic planning and analytic reasoning abilities.

Try your hand at preparing for a spy mission by conducting open source research on your overseas destination. Learn to recognize foreign accents and perfect your own.

 Whether international spying, corporate espionage, sleuthing, private investigation or cybersecurity is your passion, this program will gear you up!


August 1st - 5th, 2022 | Dana Hall, Wellesley

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Our Programs are Featured on the National Association for Gifted Children Website


Our Programs are Featured on the National Association for Gifted Children Website

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