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Social Entrepreneurship

Three-Week Summer Business Program

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Did you know that doing good and living comfortably are not mutually exclusive? Social entrepreneurship is not just voluntarism. It requires courage, innovation and brilliant ideas. Are you interested in starting a profitable, successful company with a focus on the greater good? Maybe you’re hoping to decrease fossil fuel emissions or feel passionate about tackling the abundance of plastic waste. Maybe you’re concerned with educating the disadvantaged or making potable water accessible to water starved populations around the world? In this age of social media, you can raise support and build a powerful and successful business that changes the world. Under the guidance of an MIT-educated innovator with a Masters degree from The Tufts School of Law and Diplomacy in Development Economics, Strategy, and Innovation, you’ll discover how to take your big ideas and make them a reality.

This Program is New for Summer 2020

Date: June 29th – July 17th
Bentley / Gann – Waltham, MA

Benji Moncivaiz

Benji Moncivaiz graduated from MIT with a BS in Sustainable Structural Engineering. He later completed his Masters of International Business, Developmental Economics, and Innovation from the Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. After completing his degrees, Benji returned to to MIT to work in the MIT D Lab, and he is now the founder of his own consulting firm. 

Student Comments

‘Great program. Enjoyed every aspect of the teacher’s plan and craft. Enjoyed prototyping my own solutions. Enjoyed learning start-up framework.’

‘Marco was a great teacher! I learned so much about how to find opportunities and solve problems accordingly.’

‘The program was great. My teacher was very friendly and qualified. The classroom was great. I liked the independence and trust we were given.’

Students pose in the Social Entrepreneurship three-week summer business program

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