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Three-Week Summer Science Program

BioSTEM Award, 2018, J&J • Top Summer Science Program, 2011-2019, NY Times/ • Top Robotics Program, 2017, RoboLoco • Best Medicine Program, 2018, ParentMap • Top Biomedical Engineering, •
Top 101 Summer Camps & Programs, • Top Biomedical Engineering, 2017,

This competitive admissions three-week program takes a deep dive into the exciting fields of orthopedics and radiology. Students will learn about the topics through hands-on labs, lectures, and mock surgeries. They will also explore various career options. If you’re interested in sports medicine, oncology, and surgery, this is the program for you! 

If you’re looking for a lucrative career in the medical field, look no further. Take a look at Forbes’ list of the highest paying medical jobs in 2022: 

Orthopedic Surgeons and Radiologists both made the top 10 with an average income of $306,220 and $301,720 respectively. Wow!


July 3 – July 21, 2023 | Gann/Bentley – Waltham

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Student Comments for Three-Week Medical Programs - Summer 2022

Everything was very hands-on and our teacher was amazing! He was very knowledgeable and taught us the same way the EMT in the book I’m reading was taught. Everything I learned in class could be used in the real world as well as paramedic and medical school.

I really enjoyed my program. The teacher not only taught us a lot of great material, but he did it in a fun and engaging way. I think I learned really well because of the way the information was presented to me and how we had fun review games.

The instructor is nice and very informative. I like that we had slides to review when taking notes. The overall topic was well discussed and very interesting. When we had labs they were beneficial and fun. ‘ 

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