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Spring Tutoring Available Now!

BLI now offers individual and group tutoring sessions in a variety of STEM topics and standardized test prep courses. We offer award winning Summer STEM programs to students across the globe, and now we’re bringing that same standard of excellence to you without having to leave your house. Through online small group and individual tutoring, test prep, and our new PreMed Task Force program, BLI is here to help improve your grades, boost your test scores, and stay up to date with your curriculum for next semester.


Group vs. Individual – BLI offers options for individual and small group tutoring sessions to ensure a fit for everyone. Group sessions offer a more affordable option, with the opportunity to learn and collaborate with other students going through the same topics as you. Individual sessions provide a more direct approach, with students working one-on-one on assignments, studying, and reviewing subject matter with just their tutor.
STEM Subjects vs. Test Prep – BLI is known for STEM and known for excellence. Our Summer Edge programs are meant for students to excel and get an edge in their STEM courses like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & Geometry, while we also offer SAT and SAT Subject Prep programs to improve your standardized test scores. Our remote tutoring programs offer the same benefits for you to boost your scores and improve your grades, without having to leave the house.
Our Tutors – Our tutors are hand selected and reviewed to ensure we offer the highest quality experience to our students. Many of our tutors go to, or graduated from the same schools you are aiming for! We searched high and low to bring you these instructors, take a look at some of their bios and let their accomplishments speak for themselves.


Seven one-hour sessions



Five one-hour sessions



Three one-hour sessions


3 Weeks, 2 Sessions weekly, 2-hours each

Students pose while wearing lab coats in the Emergency Medicine three-week summer medical program


  • Join the fight against COVID-19 and learn about diseases, pandemics, and the social response necessary to beat them. 

  • This riveting program will be headed up by a SUNY MD who teaches at one of the nation’s top-ranked high schools and an award-winning Yale PhD with extensive experience in statistics and data analysis.

Students do research in the Biomedical Research: Contagious Disease three-week program

Use principles of Biomedical Engineering to design a face shield using 3D modelling that can actually be used by health care workers. Learn about the great pandemics such as the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 and write about lessons that can be learned from it today. Design and create a face mask and evaluate its efficacy in protecting against virus transmission. Evaluate data on whether Covid-19 has seasonality and generate predictions modelling its spread and retrenchment. R naught is a statistic that captures contagiousness. Calculate whether contagiousness of the virus differs across the globe. Learn the basics of clinical trials and create a bank of the novel treatments being assessed. How long do viruses live on surfaces and how effective are UV light, heat, sunshine, and chemicals in killing them? Re-design airports to minimize disease transmission. JOIN NOW