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One-Week Summer Program for Pre-High School Students

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 Who among our parents has not read to their child and observed their young one light up and become excited about delving into new worlds? Research conclusively shows that parents who read to their children produce offspring who are more successful in school and in life. Many parents, however, are at a loss when it comes to instilling a similar passion for mathematics. It is a rare adult who can bring in young people and ignite the same sense of wonderment and passion for math. Our instructor, a doctoral student at one of the nation’s leading universities, has this gift. Like Socrates and classical Greeks, he plans to push students to think about big picture questions and the beauty and sometimes simplicity of math in explaining and construing the world around us. 
This program provides enrichment in every sense of the word. Far from concentrating on drill work and rote learning of topics covered in school, this program will open students’ eyes to fascinating and intriguing concepts, advances, and questions that bring joy and wonder to those with a love of math.   



Date: July 24-29, 2023 | Wellesley, MA

Miguel Vasquez-Vega

Miguel is a graduate student studying and researching at Tufts University. He loves to share his passion in the classroom! Miguel dreams of a world where science, specifically physics and math, isn’t an insurmountable beast but a beautiful place where people can find common ground. He runs a popular TikTok account, with videos reaching 3 million views!

Comments from Miguel's students in 2022

“The thing I like about Miguel is how enthusiastic he is and how much work he puts in the classes.”

“I loved the program, we learned so much, Mr. Vega was very interested in the topic which made learning and engaging very easy and quite fun.”

“My teacher was amazing. This class was an amazing experience and the teacher was very enthusiastic and engaging.”

“I learned a lot of new things. I loved the way Miguel taught. It was extremely interactive and he always made everyone feel comfortable and welcomed.” 


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