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Science Three-Week Programs

Students do an advanced experiment in the Biological Research: Synthetic Biology three-week program

Taught by: Jim Dixon, Named Massachusetts Outstanding Biology Teacher in 2012

Biological Research: Synthetic Biology has won numerous awards and sold out multiple years in a row. Why? Because this cutting-edge program, one of the most lab-intensive at BLI, covers topics you won’t see in high school. Synthetic Biology, gene therapy, and genetic engineering will allow scientists to eliminate genetic diseases and mutations, saving lives across the globe. Learn More

Students do chemical experiments in the Biotech and Pharma three-week program

Taught by: Susan Piraino, Science Teacher at Foxborough Charter High School

This program follows the process of drug discovery, from the initial idea to pre-clinical trials. Drug discovery techniques range from the testing of medical plants to the use of cutting-edge computational chemistry. Students will gain hands-on experience with gel electrophoreses, develop DNA chains, perform virtual polymerase chain reaction (PCR), study bioinformatics, and much more. Learn More

Students do an experiment in the Chemistry Research three-week summer program

Taught by: Ann Lambert, Recipient of the Award for Excellence in Teaching Secondary School Chemistry from the American Chemical Society 2013

This exciting program delves into green chemistry, a hot new area of chemistry that is generating jobs for researchers in the industry as well as workers in the medical and health fields. For students interested in chemistry, environmental science, medicine, or human health, this is the ideal program. Learn More

Students visit the Boston Police Crime Lab in the Forensic Science three-week program

Taught by: Dr. Rich Fox, 2012 Honoree of the Massachusetts Society for Biomedical Research

Hands-on, non-stop activities in this program including fingerprint casting, footprint molding and analysis, blood spatter examination using projectile physics, and much more. Forensics is an active and high energy program. Students have the unique opportunity to investigate mock crime scenes, conduct mock autopsies, and even analyze insect activity on specimens that have been left outside. Learn More

Students do research in the Human Genetics three-week program

Taught by: Autumn Becker, a teacher at The Chapin School, Masters in Curriculum and Teaching from Columbia University.

This course serves to introduce students to the modern breakthroughs of genetics. Topics discussed will include inheritance, the cell cycle, evolution, immunology, microbiology, and reproduction. The cell cycle will be introduced in the context of cancer, including discussion of targeted therapy and cancer immunology. The effects of radiation on the cell cycle will be explored in lab. Learn More

Students do research off the coast of Boston in the Marine Biology three-week summer science program

Taught by: Steve Smith, Masters Degree in Biology at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center

This program takes full advantage of our location on the coast in Boston. Wellesley is only a commuter rail ride away from ships departing for the Boston Harbor Islands. Students study high and low tides, venture into rivers and streams, and explore the various New England habitats. A trained marine biologist leads our program and creates a custom aquarium with discoveries from his SCUBA dives. Learn More

Students do an experiment in the Mars Mission three-week program

Taught by: Vincent Coljee, Harvard University Research Scholar with over twenty publications

Design and learn the science behind rockets that can reach Mars with a PhD Physicist from Harvard who has been on a simulated Mars Mission. Review data with him on the effects of radiation — which astronauts are exposed to on their journey through space — on human health and genetic mutations. Learn about the satellites, spacecraft, and other aerospace technologies scientists are using to chart interplanetary travel. Learn More

Students do an experiment in the Neuroscience Research three-week summer science program

Taught by: Michael Hoe, Neuroscience Teacher at Nobles and Greenough Preparatory School

This program will cover neurobiology and neurochemistry, focusing on the components of neurons, transmission of signals and impulses, and different types of signaling molecules involved in the nervous system. Additionally, we’ll provide a detailed look at the pathways and components of the visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and somatosensory systems. Learn More

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