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*Terms & Conditions

By placing a payment, you agree to the following: Your seat is not saved until you have submitted your deposit, even if you have registered. Three-week students must have already applied and received an acceptance letter with their acceptance code to pay and register. One-week programs are not competitive admissions, thus one-week students do not need to apply and receive an acceptance code to pay and register. We reserve the right to deny admission to students who are deemed a danger to themselves or others, or who have behavioral problems that would pose a danger to property. Students must be intellectually capable of handling middle to high school level work without individual assistance. Alcohol use or possession, cigarette smoking, illegal drug possession and use, sexual misconduct, and other behaviors generally forbidden in the public schools are likewise forbidden in our program. Students may be dismissed from the program without a refund for these violations. We cannot guarantee a particular teacher: If a particular teacher becomes sick or otherwise breaks their contract, we will seek another qualified teacher but students will not be issued refunds. If a class does not fill due to low enrollment, we reserve the right to cancel the class and return deposits/payments in full. Walking and hiking is involved in all programs. Students may walk an hour or more a day, particularly on field trip days. Further information, disclaimers, and policies are contained on our registration materials. All deposits are fully refundable for 7 days after they are received. After 7 days, deposits are not refundable. Within the 7 day period, notice of cancellation must be sent via email to: and must be approved by the Boston Leadership Institute. Deposits may be transferred to other BLI programs for which your student is eligible as long as the program is open. In no event may a three-week deposit be transferred to a one week program. 30 business days may be needed to process refund requests. If multiple deposits are placed and one or more of them are subsequently cancelled, the deposits placed cannot be used to cover the tuition for another program after cancellation. As with all cancellations, deposit payments are refundable for 7 days. After this, they are non-refundable. Families will be sent a certificate with the equivalent of the tuition payment to apply to a program the following summer.

Balance Payments & Forms

If you have already registered and made your deposit, you may submit remaining balance payments and forms by logging into your CampMinder account:

You may also: 1) Use Express Payment Option  2) Pay By Credit Card Over Phone or 3) Send Check By Mail (See Above)

Tuition Costs

Secure your seat with a deposit. The deposit payment goes towards your total tuition payment. Deposits placed before June 3rd are fully refundable for 7 days. After 7 days, they are non-refundable. Deposits placed after June 3rd are refundable for 48 hours. After 48 hours, they are non-refundable. Deposits are also transferable to any program of the same length if the desired program has seats available.

Tuition payment is due in full by May 15, 2019. For families registering after May 15th, payment is due two weeks after the deposit is placed and not later than the program’s start date.

One-week tuition cost: $599
One-week deposit to secure your seat: $200
Three-week tuition cost: $2200
Three-week deposit to secure your seat: $500

Residential Costs

Residential payments are due by June 1st. For families registering after June 1st, residential payments are due one month after the deposit has been placed and not later than the program’s start date.

One-week cost: $599
Three-week cost: $1797

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