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Applications for 2023 are open now:

July 3-14, 2023

11:00 am – 4:00 pm EST on Zoom | Tuition: $1200

Students do chemical experiments in the Biotech and Pharma three-week program
Students do an experiment in the BioTech and Pharma Research three-week summer science program
Student does an experiment in the BioTech and Pharma Research three-week summer science program

How do we run a successful, lab-based Biotech program remotely?

Complete an award-winning, competitive admissions program this summer. You’ll thank yourself when you have one more prestigious credential to add to your college applications. We loan students our own state-of-the-art lab equipment to use at home! We ship it to you, you ship it back – it’s simple. The time is NOW to apply.  

Your instructor, Dr. Lazebnik, holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from Tufts School of Medicine. She has conducted research at the NIH, Brandeis, and the Tufts Molecular Oncology Research Institute. The teaches at Bentley University. She has been working non-stop to create an amazing experience for our students this summer.

Below are a few examples  of what you might do in class. Note the final activity – students will complete individual research projects on genetic diseases of their choice. They will then present and attend an official ceremony on the last day of the program, earning a certificate from the Boston Leadership Institute.

Students do scientific research in the Biological Research three-week program
Students do research in the Forensic Science three-week summer science program

Bacterial Transformation Lab

What is genetic engineering? What are designer proteins? Learn how you can manipulate an organism’s DNA by introducing a new gene into their bacteria! You’ll pour your own plates at home, observing the bacteria alter form over time after introducing a plasmid. Will you switch the correct gene on, creating an exciting reaction? This process introduces students to the CENTRAL premise of molecular biology! DNA -> RNA -> Protein -> Trait. 


Pipetting is an essential skill if you’re going to enter Biotech, Molecular Biology, Biological Research, or any similar area of study. Impress your future mentors by gaining experience now. You’ll need to master micropipettors to carefully and accurately transfer very small volumes of liquid from one place to another. This requires practice. You don’t want to be the one who interferes in the outcome of a critical step. A failure to pipette correctly results in false or no results, invalidating an entire experiment. These tools are expensive, so you’ve likely never had the opportunity to practice. But don’t worry! We’ll lend you ours, and you’ll get a leg up on the competition. 

Simulation Antibody Test

Learn about antibody-based detection techniques in a wildly topical lab. In this simulated medical test, students use ELISA to identify anti-SARS CoV-2 antibodies in a patient’s blood sample. Students will learn how to administer the test, interpret the results, and identify the defining characteristics of today’s novel coronavirus. 

Big Pharma and Investing

AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer – who is going to come out on top and develop the vaccine the world is waiting for? And how is a potential investor supposed to choose between them all? The stock market is placing a $100 billion value on the COVID-19 vaccine, and results from the first large scale trials could be out in October. Moderna stocks have risen and fallen by $2 billion in one day following the release of inconsequential developments. Factors that might influence the market? We don’t know when a vaccine will be released, how safe it will be, how long it will last…and those are just a few of the unknowns. What is your risk tolerance?  Obtain professional guidance on how one would dive into the market at such an unprecedented, but potentially wildly lucrative, time in stock market history. 

Genetic Disease Research Project

Which genetic diseases interest you the most?! Muscular Dystrophy? Progeria? Down Syndrome? Choose your area of interest and complete a deep-dive research project to present to your fellow students during a special ceremony! Dr. Lazebnik will guide you through your questions, point you to the most solid academic research, and provide college-level feedback. At the end, you will have completed research projects and developed your own independent project! This is great material for college admissions essays and interviews. Showcase your initiative and drive. Explore a research career. 

Dr. Maria Lazebnik

Dr. Lazebnik is an adjunct assistant professor at Bentley University. She teaches Human Biology, Human Inheritance, and Human Health and Disease. Dr. Lazebnik is involved in research focused on undergraduate STEM education and developing innovative course content to work hand-in-hand with the curriculum, in particular with a project at Boston’s Museum of Science. Dr. Lazebnik received her BS in Neuroscience and Biology as well as her MS in Cell and Molecular Biology from Brandeis University. Later, she received her PhD in Genetics from Tufts University School of Medicine. In addition, she has extensive research experience, having been a research fellow at the NIH, a research associate at Brandeis and Tufts, and a postdoctoral fellow at Tufts Molecular Oncology Research Institute. Finally, Dr. Lazebnik is a multi-published educator and research scientist. She has had three articles published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Student Comments

‘I really enjoyed the program and my teacher. I learned a lot during the program like how difficult it is to get a drug passed by the FDA or to even make a drug that works with no side effects…I also learned what a successful Biotech company needs like marketing and money.

‘I liked how we learned about the industry of biotechnology and the different roles that are played there. I also liked how we observed drug discovery and the process which surrounds it.’

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