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marine biology: shark week

One-Week Pre-High School Program

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Students go visit marine life in the Marine Biology three-week summer science program

We’re DIVING into the exciting stuff!

Shark Week will explore not only sharks, but ALL monsters of the deep. You might build scale models to get a grasp on the true size of these aquatic predators, examine real shark teeth up close, plot shark sightings against seal populations, and so much more. 

What’s the beauty of a program like this? We’re not just going to talk about these sea creatures – we plan to bring real ones into the classroom. Prepare for a dogfish shark dissection, squid dissection, and a chance to hang out with any small reptiles and amphibians we can get our hands on. 

This is a one-week program for rising 6th-rising 9th graders. Day and residential options are available for this program.

July 10th-14th, 2023
Wellesley, MA

Student Comments

‘He allowed room for exploration and even encourage discovery through experience. Steve was very patient and interesting to work with. 10/10.’

‘The program was fast paced and enjoyable… I enjoyed checking the tank, and learning about what being a marine biologist entails. All good things.’

‘One thing I liked about this program was that we were able to go on field trips to better understand the topic. I found it fun, interesting, and I learned a lot from them. Also, having an aquarium made it so much more easier to look at creatures but also interesting. I absolutely love marine science and I thought this program helped a lot.’

Students go on a boat ride in Boston Harbor in the Marine Biology one-week summer science program

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