One-Week Summer Program

Get to know your furry friends! 

Our pet med program is a fun and exciting way for students to learn what it takes to be a veterinarian. Students will get to explore interesting methods of diagnosis, including how to detect pain through physical examinations, as well as how to analyze imaging from XRays, MRIs, and CT scans.

Students learn through hands on activities and practice skills that are required to prevent diagnosis and treat injuries and illness in animals. Students will also get the opportunity to perform mock surgeries, set bones, and research common afflictions such as rabies, and distemper.

Class quite literally comes to life in this program!

This one week program is designed for rising 8th-rising 10th graders.


July 11-15
Gann Academy/Bentley University: Waltham, MA

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Students will have access to this veterinary kit and use it as a tool throughout this program.  This kit includes:

– Stuffed dog and cat “patients” 

-Charts for wellness checks to track your pets progress

-The dreaded cone

-Various instruments relating to pet wellness


We’ve all seen these cones, but what do they mean? Why would a pet wear this? What conditions does it support?

Our pets are sometimes born with a slew of genetic conditions that require medication.  This course will review some of the common conditions and how to solve them. 

Too cool for (obedience) school?!  Behavioral problems are so common among pets.  What causes them?  What are some common remedies? 

Using stuffed animals, students will set ”broken bones” and administer a series of tests and exams.

We can’t forget about our smaller furry friends!  Beyond cats and dogs, this class will cover smaller pets like hamsters, fish and more!

What happens when a pet goes to the vet? Learn about the common practices during wellness checks!

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