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Marine Bio: Aquarium

One-Week Summer Day Program for Pre-High School Students

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Hey young marine scientist! Are you ready to explore underwater communities and bring them to life?!

You’re in for a special treat! Classroom activities involve the nurturing of sea monkeys in student-built water tanks. Students will care for their own tank and monitor the well-being of their tiny friends! 

Time to learn about some bigger sea critters. You will be in on choosing a theme for habitats, such as tropical, reef, tidal pool, or freshwater paradise. As you help plan for and assemble the aquariums, you will become fluent in what constitutes an ecosystem. What fish are aggressive and what fish are community members? What are the differences in anatomy of freshwater and saltwater fish, and what are characteristics of aquarium plants that thrive in different conditions and why? You will get your creative juices flowing, designing your own renderings of dream aquariums for home and museum display. You may create touch tanks, as well. Through hands-on work, teens will gain substantial cross-disciplinary scientific knowledge, all while having fun!

Our young scientists will create several ecosystems. You might take a freshwater ecosystem, filling it to the brim with little guys you’ve seen in the real world. There is so much to learn about these creatures you might usually pass right by. For example, did you know that a crab is an omnivore? They’re known to be little scavengers, eating everything in their paths. And have you ever thought about the way a scallop swims? They open and close their shells and propel themselves backwards! That sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it?   



July 11th – 15th, 2022 | Wellesley 

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The saltwater ecosystem will take some special love. You’ll learn about the carbon cycle and salt levels, calibrating the water to make it a safe environment. Then it’s time for some REALLY cool additions. Coat the bottom of the tank with the right amount of rocks and sand, add some sea grass, and then watch your tropical fish explore! Maybe you’ve always wanted a clownfish just like Nemo. This is your chance to see one up close!

From horseshoe crabs to guppies to lobsters, there will be no shortage of fun creatures to observe in this brand new program. Roll up your sleeves! We’re introducing you to the COOLEST new hobby – and potential lifelong passion!


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